will my two male teddy bear hamsters end up fighting in adult hood?

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Question by loading…please wait…: will my two male teddy bear hamsters end up fighting in adult hood?
I got two male baby long haired teddy bear hamsters at the pet store in the same cage (there not from the same litter), when i brought them home I kept them in the same cage. When they reach adult hood will they fight?

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Answer by nikimouse101
If you got them as babies they shouldn’t. They should learn and grow up together, so they wont be territorial. However if you were to add say another one when they reach adulthood you may find that they are territorial.

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6 Responses to will my two male teddy bear hamsters end up fighting in adult hood?

  1. ?Erin?

    Yes yes yes yes yes!

    Separate them NOW if possible. Syrian hamsters (commonly referred to as “golden” or “teddy bear” hamsters) are solitary and HATE being with other hamsters. They will literally fight to the death and then, if one is still alive it will eat the other one. I’m not kidding. Hamsters can’t be kept in the same cage, even if they are from the same litter.
    Dwarf hamsters usually do fine with one another, but definitely not Syrians. Go pick up another cage, and quickly!
    (A friend only had their hamsters for about a week and a half before one killed the other one, they get territorial very quickly)

  2. Christina

    they mite fight because they want to see who is the leader or they wouldn’t because they grew up to gether

  3. ..lilbeatch

    yeh theyll kill each other if you dont separate them. it doesnt matter how well they get on as babies, they WILL fight later. i learnt that the hard way when i was 12. its not nice waking up to find a headless hamster!

  4. Cloverz

    Ya definitley, get a new cage/seperate them from eachother.
    They will fight with eachother and could kill the other.
    Seperate them now .

  5. Rachel

    As babies no.But in adult hood YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Stephanie

    You need to seperate them now, they start fighting around 8 weeks, sometimes sooner. Usually the hamsters in the pet shop are 5-6 weeks old. When they fight they will fight until one of them is dead, seperate them now before its too late.

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