Which hamster toy should I buy?

Hamster Toys.

Question by Elle: Which hamster toy should I buy?
If you can recommend any hamster toy from any website in the UK only. Under £5.
One of my hamsters has a bog standard cage with a wheel, house and toilet roll tube in. He loves to climb on the bars and spends lots of time in his house. He likes his wheel but has gotten pretty bored of it.
I would like, for him, a toy to play with, doesn’t matter if he can chew it or not, maybe something that provides a little platform thing because I think he would like that. Must be under £5.

My second hamster has a slightly bigger cage. It is still a standard wire cage of one level, but has a little yellow platform with a ladder leading up to it. She has a house where she spends lots of her time, she has a wheel which she loves and a tube which she is a little unsure about because I only put it in yesterday. She loves to chew the bars but won’t chew any flavoured wood blocks or mineral blocks I put in. She also loves to climb on her wheel and will happily sit on top of it. She likes to climb the bars and sit on top of her little blue house. I want to remove the tube because it is too big and take up too much cage.
I want a proper toy for her, not something to chew on.

So what do you think they will like? You can recommend a different toy for each hamster but they must be under £5 each. Thanks!
And PLEASE direct me to the site with the product on, it must be a UK site! Thank You So Much!
One can be more than £5 and the other can be less. As long as together they add up to no more than £10
I said I don’t want chew toys.
I use ENglish money
And I need websites.
Sorry to sound harsh but there is no point answering unless you have read what I have wrote!
Also, the toy is for inside the cage

Best answer:

Answer by Eye! See!
you can buy chew sticks from meijer for about $ 3 or a hamster ball price depends on size of hamster

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  1. animals are forever 156

    i live in the uk, i may be able to help, i shop at pets at home. my hamster likes this wooden log with holes in:
    its £2.59 and a GREAT buy.
    they also have this little hidy home thing:
    it is also good as they can chew it, also have you tried just a normal small cat ball, with a jingle in? they can be good toys for them. just try this site:
    and look on it, but it’s better to go to the shop as they have more than the site shows, i have some toys that are not on it.
    i hope i helped, if you have ANY questions on hamsters i will be happy to help

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