Where can i get a hamster cage?

Hamster Cages.

Question by meowmi: Where can i get a hamster cage?
I’m looking for a hamster cage with the basic accessories (food/water bowl, wheel ect.) with the price and postage under $ 20.

And they have to be able to mail it to Australia.
I don’t mind if it’s secondhand.

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Answer by Alexis
Try Petsmart.com or Petco.com They do sip.
But it may be a little more than 20 bucks.

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  1. *^~Robotastic~^*

    You won’t get a decent sized cage for that price unless it’s secondhand. Try widening your budget

  2. Camryn Burgs

    petsmart has a few cages for 20 dollars (plus tax and shipping though)

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