Tips for breeding hamsters ?

Baby Hamsters.

Question by melissssaa: Tips for breeding hamsters ?
Okay. So i’m planning on breeding hamsters. all i need is a female :S
Oh and don’t worry i found future homes for about 10 baby Syrian hamsters.

So my question is:
My male syrian hamster is currently about 8 months old.
if i get a female Syrian hamster thats about 4-6months old it won’t be a problem breeding right ?
I’m jsut scared that my male hamsters too old/ big.

Also. where i’m at its winter, should i wait til its a warmer season to breed them ?

Also i need advice on what colours i should choose for the female
should i get a solid black syrain hamster ( also called a black bear hamster in pet stores) or a black and white teddy bear hamster ?
or a white and cream hamster- or is it too close of a colour to my male hamster ? :S

HERES A PICTURE OF MY BABY :) ( my male syrian hamster) and sorry about the picture with him on moneyt, it jsut shows his patterns more.

Sparky ! sleepign in his corner on my sofa
i heard breeding him with a hamster thats the same colour as him may resukt to a genetic defection:
like some babies would be born with one eye or no eyes or no legs or justt 3 legs,

is it true >?

Best answer:

Answer by avrilover15
HE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!
I think he might be a little to old
but if he isn’t

wait til summer

get the same colors as the male hamster

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3 Responses to Tips for breeding hamsters ?

  1. Maki

    HE IS SOOO CUTE! my baby looks like him only a lot fatter!

  2. Mandy :]

    Well since you haven’t always had the female hamster make sure when you get it you completely wash out the scent of the males cage because he could be very teritorial, also just put them in and open box and see what happens before you put them in the same cage together. And also i don’t think it really matters what color the hamsters are, as long as they get along. Also he shouldn’t be to old, it would probably be better to have a younger one. but still he’s not to old.

    And he’s Adorable, Well good luck ;]

  3. Mark K

    let them have privacy

    mark k

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