Should i rub vinegar on my hand so my hamster stops thinking its a treat?

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Question by pinoyjustin714: Should i rub vinegar on my hand so my hamster stops thinking its a treat?
he always tries to nip off my hand cuz he thinks its a treat what should i rub on it besides vinegar?

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8 Responses to Should i rub vinegar on my hand so my hamster stops thinking its a treat?

  1. fraserorrk


  2. unknown

    Just wear a glove or old oven mitt whenever you pick up your hamster.

  3. Anna M

    No. It may make him want it more, and vinegar isn’t good for him. Just push him away when he bites. Or when he starts to bite, put him back in the cage so he knows that when he starts getting aggressive, play time is OVER. But you could be disturbing his sleep. Hamsters are nocturnal so it’s better to hold them in the evening like 6pm or later.

  4. allie1599

    no just wash your hands every time and let him come to you when hes ready……. really DON’T

  5. sumi y

    no you should either wash your hand or get apple bitter spray its really cheap you can buy it at petco and petsmart so yeaaaa……. even though your hamster bites you he might not be use to you it takes a while to tame hamsters or even months what you need is alot of paitents

  6. Amanda

    is he nipping at you out of aggression or does he really think its food? to keep him from thinking your hand is food, just wash her hands like some of them have already mentioned. he probably smells your last snack on ur hands. i wouldnt try to make your hand smell unpleasant, then he’ll never want to be held by that “stinky smelly thing”. if he’s nipping at you out of aggression, he’s probably telling you to back off. he sees your hand as a big scary intruder coming to challenge him. if so, always have a treat to offer, so he sees your hand as a source of good things. overtime u’ll earn his trust.

  7. Sophie S

    No! What i do when i have a young/new hamster, is rub my hands in it’s sawdust/bedding… (not the dirty, used bedding, just the bedding that will have her/his scent on it. That was you smell familiar and she/he shouldn’t bite you.
    If that doesn’t work, when your hamster bites you, jerk your hand back or yell, or something, so it can see you don’t like it, the hamster won’t like it either, and it should stop biting :)

  8. Hailey

    no just flick his nose a little if he bites or trys to

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