Sapphire Winter White Hamsters

Hamster Videos.

This is the moment when me and my boyfriend released our Sapphire winter white dwarf hamsters into their cage for the first time.

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13 Responses to Sapphire Winter White Hamsters

  1. Cheesymonkeypoo

    @happysaz133 Its ok :) Its very common in Winter whites to have to separate them, they just arent as social as russians or roborovskis. Luckily these are the only hams I have ever had to separate. :) I have 2 robo females, 2 robo males, these two in the video and a long haired syrian. :)

  2. happysaz133

    @Cheesymonkeypoo Aww sorry to hear that, all my dwarfs have ended up fighting too :( it just seems to be something that happens.

  3. bman7805

    cool i have one her name is aubrey

  4. Cheesymonkeypoo

    @happysaz133 When I made this video there was actually another wheel on its way in the post, it arrived later for some reason :/ But these two dont live together anymore. Ive needed to update for a long time now but Pippy (”hamster no.1”) developed a mental disorder and had to be separated. They live happily alone now :)

  5. happysaz133

    They are really cute, and what a fab cage! They will likely need another wheel though, as they will often fight if they only have one.

  6. MACII168

    I used to have one it died :(

  7. KeviinTheAsian

    I have a Sapphire Winter White hamster too, hes name is Fluffy, go to my channel and u can watch a video of him ^^

  8. BigmouseBud

    I have a Sapphire Winter White, his names Spanky. See my channel to see a pic on him. (its my profile pic) ps Love the cage!!

  9. apaloosalove

    absolutly adorable

  10. VanDeWielChic

    they are little cuties

  11. Chadeeist

    awesome origanaztion of the cage too (:

  12. Chadeeist

    goodness, they are so cute!

  13. AwayLemonade

    Freedom!! That Cage is gorgeous, however I would be careful with the rocks and such they’re a bit fussy to clean and will start to smell really bad because they ‘soak’ up the urine. Thy are very lucky and you guys sound like wonderful hamster owners!! :)!

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