New Marbles toy for hamster?

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Question by Drando Isac: New Marbles toy for hamster?
I am about to add new hamster toy to my hamster cage
It is a small plastic round box filled with marbles so when the hamster enters it and move the marbles will move below its legs and he will have to run
actually i think about it i want you to share me your opinions
will it work or not and
is it safe for hamster or the may swallow a marble and die

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If you’ve got a Syrian Hamster, it’s almost certain he will pick one up and stuff it in his face, if you have dwarfs, they might try. I personally wouldn’t risk it. They may break the marbles and get hurt, I wouldn’t risk the safety of your hamster.

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  1. honey

    i wouldn’t let your hamster run around in the marbles. your hamster could try to eat one of the marbles and choke. it isn’t worth the risk! it could also break their teeth off because they are to hard. if i were you i would return it or get rid of it!

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