Mother hamster grooming her baby

Baby Hamsters. Watch as Elly the mother hamster from withing her coconut hamster house grooms the baby hamster. Then drags him back in for safe keeping
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9 Responses to Mother hamster grooming her baby

  1. MrSecret98

    @martn13 just put a boy hamster in the cage it be like a week or two before she gives birth then remove the boy hamster

  2. Crystals246

    Don’t make ANY sound. It might startle the mama hamster which will result in her eating her babies to “protect” it from whatever the sound was.

  3. Color0fSoul

    how did you hollow out the coconut for them? or is it already a store bought one?

  4. Questcrewy

    do the dad eat the baby dont they?

  5. martn13

    cool thanks for info

  6. AnimalLoversWeb

    It’s more a question of how you stop it ;)
    Ours was accidental due to inaccurate sexing of the parents.
    If you have a male and a female dwarf together they will breed and mostly you don’t want that.
    Syrians are different they cannot be together apart from briefly for breeding.

  7. martn13

    how do you breed hamsters. is it quite easy with the mating and all that stuff

  8. AnimalLoversWeb

    Glad you like it they are adorable little creatures and the parent hamsters are very caring, including the Dad.

  9. Slytherin008

    aww there so cute!

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