I have bought hamsters from a pet shop and am not sure it was a good idea?

Pet Hamsters.

Question by aunty_ames: I have bought hamsters from a pet shop and am not sure it was a good idea?
I have had one hamster die from diarrhoea, had them replaced and now one of them seems to be ill again! What am i supposed to do? I have only had them less a week and i dont want to pay out fortunes on vet bills. Is there anything i can give them to make them better? It is getting stupid, i thought having a pet was a good idea, now im not so sure but they are so cute!

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Answer by fluffy_aliens
Getting a pet is a great idea. Getting one from a pet store is a very bad idea. Chances are, every hamster in that store is sick. I wouldn’t be surprised if every rodent in that store is sick.

I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this. It really sucks to have a pet just to have it get sick. Without taking it to the vet though, I don’t know what can be done for your little guy. I hope your next experience with pets is better than this one is.

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  1. y m

    maybe the food you are giving them isnt very good quality…take them to the vet again and take the food you are giving them with you…well,,,take care of them ,they are you responsibility now so you must love them :).

  2. Tammerz

    I think you should take him to the vet once and if he dies DON’T get anymore pets!

  3. rich_2259@yahoo.com

    Well most pet shops should be ok. Not so much the big chain company’s though. Sounds like you hamster has “wet tail” and most of the time the hamster sadly dies. Its very contagious so unless the pet shop has taken the right steps and separated the hamster’s then they could all have it. I’m guessing its a chain pet shop and unfortunately they dont have the same care over there animals as the smaller local shops. I hope everything works out ok for you and your hamster.

  4. geewhiz94

    Feed the hamsters nutri-water. It helps them when they are sick. Right now, since you have one hamster sick, try to seperate them so they both don’t get sick. What store did you get them from? I got my hamster from Petsmart, so try there next time because he has never been sick and all the pets there are healthy. NEVER get pets from the small pet stores in the mall, all the animals there are likely to be sick.

    So just buy some nutri-water, seperate the hamsters,
    and if you are sick, don’t come by the cage or the hamsters have a higher risk of dieing.

  5. Kaylyn

    I work at Petsmart and I got lucky with a good store. We take care of our animals. If they get sick, they go to the vet then go into iso until they are better. Sure, not all stores are as well kept as the one I work at but they are not that bad either.

    A lot of new pets just get stressed really easily and that can cause them to get sick (that’s why we don’t let everyone pick up the animals). If you’re having that much trouble then maybe it is just that store so return the animal and try somewhere else. It could be the food, environment, handling, anything…

  6. orionmobile

    They probably are dying from wet tail, which is a very common problem among hamsters. Many pet store chains are plagued with it. You can ask the store if they have had problems with it, but they might not be honest with you about it. It would be best to try another store or, even better, a private breeder or rescue group. It’s possible your second one got the disease from the cage. You should clean the cage thoroughly with bleach and very hot water, spray it with bleach and let it set a few days, then wash it again with soap and water before using it. After that, it should be safe to use again. Hamsters really do make great little pets, so don’t be afraid of trying again with a healthy one. As for the one you have right now-wet tail or diarrhea are very hard to get a hamster over. Keep it very warm and out of any drafts. Try feeding it carrots-they are supposed to help with wet tail. God luck!

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