How To Bathe Hamsters

Hamster Videos.

Ever thought of giving your hamster a bath?This video tells you more about giving your hamsters a bath.If you need any advice on hamsters just give a comment ,message me or email me at subscribe!

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25 Responses to How To Bathe Hamsters

  1. ilovetocmmt

    I bathed mine once because he smelt horrible even after changing his cage a ton, mines a teddy bear hamster :) im thinking of bathing him again since it’s been a year but I don’t get why you shouldn’t wash them?

  2. XxMusicBroadcastxX

    1:00 omfg i had the volume up super high!@#!@#

  3. blackjet333

    i have a robo hamster he is so fast. when ever he goes on the hamster wheel you can’t really see his feet

  4. Aniron

    I put Chinchilla sand in my Chinese hamster’s cage but I don’t think she likes it at all. she keeps sneezing and I think it makes her fur itchy since she keeps scratching. Should I just take the sand out? Is this normal? Should I not use CHINCHILLA sand and another type of sand?

  5. mylullaby141

    so badet man ein hamster ohne ihn zu veretzen physisch k├Ârperlich und gesundheitlich zu verletzen !

  6. kristajoe1

    my hamster will escape out of my hand and shes REALLY fast how do I clean her if she does that and i cant clean her ?

  7. OnlyGirlsLikeMe

    can I use a humid towell and clean their paws? or is it not necessary?

  8. hamsterhomes1

    chinchilla dust is not the right kind of use. You have it all mixed up, dont use chinchilla dust becuz it suffecates your hamsters and chichilla sand is the right thing!!

  9. hannahpretty123

    Please tell me pneumonia is ?????????

  10. pixel9998

    ive been bathing my hamster for 2 years now i quit last year, WHY DIDNT ANYBODY TELL ME.. shes still alive though… lol

  11. MrJazzy2303

    I give my hamster a regular bath but I don’t let the water or soap get in it’s eyes and on it’s head

  12. karla9548

    can i use regular sand?

  13. StrawberrySnowShake

    my hamsters hate sand baths for some reason…

  14. Telvindog8

    my hamster died today soz i just realized im searching youtube for hamster vids

  15. Lulucupcake252

    @nicewasup it’s soo stupid how people like you go around just to let people down!

  16. nicewasup

    retarded little things btw retarded music. btw retarded pictures. btw i knewer get the highest rated comment. :(

  17. scarface4724

    PEOPLE DONT WASH YOUR HAMSTERS! they clean themselves with their tounge like cats but better. Msg me if u need more info why not to do it… or better yet any hamster info! peace

  18. MyHamsterTV

    lol are names are almost the same

  19. 545chaz

    TheHamsterGurl knows how to bathe a hamster SAFELY!

  20. 545chaz

    I got a dwarf but now I really wants a robo and I want to name is snooki XD okiiee random comment :D

  21. LaurenNP36

    My teddy bear hamster hates the sand bath. I rather not use REAL water though

  22. 7777dmith7777

    @donjay95660 Scrub him real good with simple green and a wire brush, rinse,then pat dry..

  23. welovehamsterTV

    @donjay95660 well,i’d suggest u to use bathing sand 1st…only give them a bath in emergencies as in if they start to sweat:)

  24. JaneyGirl909

    it says only bathe in emergencies but my hamster really smells lol

  25. Jean793

    Thanks for this piece of advice.

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