How long should I leave my mating hamsters together?

Baby Hamsters.

They were just in the same play pen together and mated a few times already, how many times or how long should they be together? They just started to fight, so I put the male back.

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  1. Angel M

    Yes , you could put him back in in a day or so and see if they make nice. Usually that amount of mating is sufficient. Then they must stay separate unless you are looking for more hamsters. Just like some couples I know lol
    Hope that helps

  2. Lele07

    as long as it takes

  3. farmgirl

    Until they light up little cigarettes.

  4. Dog prof.

    Let nature take its course, if they mate, HEY they mate its nature, let them do what the have the urge to do. BABY HAMSTERS!!!!!!!!!

  5. Acceptance

    Why would you want to let them mate? If you want more hamsters, visit a no-kill shelter and rescue some.

  6. NASA cadet

    You should keep male back in another cage and feed the female left overs such as rice, Banana peeling, lima beans,and stale bread or chips, just for extra nutrition.

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