how do you treat my robo hamster with hair loss without going to the vet?

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Question by Stacy: how do you treat my robo hamster with hair loss without going to the vet?
my robo hamster has a bald spot on his head and below his neck. how did he get them and how do you get rid of them???? and i just got him!!!!!

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Answer by BNBF
You’re better off taking him to a vet. It could possibly be ringworm and that is highly contagious-even to humans.

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  1. michaela7elizabeth

    my robo had that sevierly and i never once took her to a vet! he most likley has diebeeties and cant have sugar try to give him a sugar free diet.

    mine eats:
    and occasionally i mix it with bred or dry dog food

    or you can ask a vet

  2. mbizzle

    He’s sick and needs to go to the Vet. More than likely you got him from a pet store or some unreputable person who didn’t care whether they were selling you a sick hamster. Robo hamsters are very high maintenance as they are very fast and are the least likely to chill out.

    Hair loss could mean many things. Signs to look for include loss of appetite, inactivity, huddling in a corner, ruffled or unkempt coat, sneezing, discharge from the nose or eyes, wheezing, wetness around the tail, and diarrhea. Hair loss can be a symptom of skin disease or parasites (such as ring worms or mites), and also warrants a trip to the vet.You are either going to have to spend the money on a vet visit which will run you up to 90.00 or go back to where you bought the hammy and get your money back. Do not get another hamster from the same place. Find a breeder instead. If you don’t want to take him to the Vet and get some antibiotics, try the second option first and see what happens.

    When you get a new hamster, Check that the hamster is bright eyed and alert when it is awake. It should be inquisitive and not too nervous. Beware of any hamster that has runny or sticky eyes, runny nose, sneezing, wet or dirty bottom, matted fur, seems lethargic or does not have a firm body. All of these things can indicate a sick hamster. Good luck!

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