How do you make your own hamster cage?

Hamster Cages.

Question by RunnFast: How do you make your own hamster cage?
I want to make my Syrian hamster a cage. How do I? Where can I get all the supplies? How much do you think it would cost? I’m thinking about the kind made out of storage bins. Thanks!

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Answer by ? Hamster–Girl ?
Here is a Article on how to make your own hamster cage out of a storage bin!

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  1. ava s

    you could just get one of those big plastic tubs and put some type of wood chippings or bedding and then just get a place for it to hide and places for it to crawl thru. u usualluy put tubes attached to a gage , but u could lay them on the floor of it. and then all you need it a wheel, a run around ball, food and water, water holder and, food dish i hope this helps=)

  2. Mizz A

    A storage bin is good but I actually used a 10 gallon fish tank I got from petsmart for $ 11 and bought a screen cover for it. The screen cover was about $ 4 also at petsmart. I put lots of toys and things. Make sure you put a wheel. Also they sell these water bottles especially made to stick to the side of tanks. The water bottle was also about $ 5. I actually think a tank is better not only can you see your hammy better but you don’t have to worry about him/her chewing his/her way out. Good luck!

  3. ? hamster love ?

    my hamster haves a bin cage!
    it’s really big and it wasn’t too hard to make.
    Supplies you’ll need:
    bin or tote ( mine was a tote that was 5 bucks from wal mart)
    screen ( you can see if you have an extra or buy some from lowes or a craft store)
    hot glue gun
    How to make it:
    Drill holes in all sides of the bin so your hamster has breathing holes. Then drill holes about 3 inches in, on the lid of the bin, and carve the plastic out of there.Measure the screen you got and cut enough so it fills the whole inside of the lid, not just the part you cut out. Use a glue gun to attach the screen to the lid and let it sit for a few hours. You can also use tape and nails if you have to.

    After all that’s done, you’ll need to get a water bottle, food dish, and wheel, plus some other toys to put in there for your hamster. Layer the bottom of the bin with bedding and you can decorate the cage however you want.

    Hope this helped !

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