How do winter white hamsters live in the wild?

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Question by geckogirl46: How do winter white hamsters live in the wild?
Do they live alone or in groups? Is it normal for them to live with others?

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Answer by CountryGirl
Winter Whites [Siberian]. These hamsters live in Siberia. They live on flat land with short grass. There are not many people and these hamsters are not afraid of humans. In snow, they can change their fur color to white so that they blend in better. The female will live with two males in a burrow and the males will help with the babies.
Hamsters live in burrows that are like underground tunnels. The tunnels can be very large and have many rooms. One room is used for sleep, one to store food, and another to stay in for a short time. Sometimes these tunnels are over 11 yards long. They will cover the entrance with a stone. Burrows might have more than one entrance.
Scientists disagree whether wild hamsters really hibernate. They like to be in 65-80 degree Fahrenheit temperatures. When the temperature goes below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, they go into a temporary hibernation, or torpor. With torpor, their body temperatures drop lower, their heart rate drops to 5-15 beats a minute [instead of 250-500], and they sleep for long periods of time. Another sign of torpor is that hamsters will wake up every week or so. They will stay awake for about eight hours, eat, drink, and then go back to sleep. The difference between hibernation and torpor is how long the sleep times are and how much the animal’s bodies slow down. Most of our sources said that wild hamsters go into torpor like bears and are not true hibernators.
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