Hamster Toy Ideas Please!!?

Hamster Toys.

Question by Jacki: Hamster Toy Ideas Please!!?
What are some toy idea to keep my hamster busy, I just want ideas homemade or store bought.

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Answer by Meghan
when i had a hamster it loved to run around the house in a ball. it is safe to, and it wont escape. they also like wheels in their cages, and my hamster like slide ( hamster size) … but most hamsters don’t like slides. if you want to keep it busy give it wooden sticks for chewing on. you can get safe ones at your local pet store.

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  1. Lily R

    the hamster balls are really cool and so are the cars (i prefer the cars because you can put them in a stationary position for when you are cleaning the cage every Tuesday. also you should get him a nut not, which is a bunch of wood sort of like a puzzle with a walnut inside. they also love a wheel especially your little energetic guy. you should also consider a puzzle hideout, and last but not least, TOILET PAPER ROLLS they love ’em and they’re practically free

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