Hamsters For Sale in Portland

Dimension is 30" x 17" x 17" We used it for our rabbit. It will work with hamster and other furry critters. Non-smoker family home. I am conveniently located across from Bethany Elementary school, less than 5 mins off Highway26 exit 65 Email or f [...]

*** You Must send a phone number for reply back. All questions can be answered by phone. * Sorry, No spamming this way. We have allot of packages of all natural cat litter/ (4)-10 lb Packages of Mountain Meadows cat litter. (All Organic and ALL N [...]


Small black critter cage. the cage measures 14-½ deep x 24 wide x 14-½" tall. Drop down front opening door. Aluminum tray. Very light rust stains in some of the corners on the cage. Bottom tray is galvanized and pet urine has caused some rust. A ligh [...]

Black Super Pet, Multi floor, ferret Cage. The cage has top and bottom opening doors. The wire is of a medium gauge. This cage would also make a nice flight cage or porch cage for canaries, parakeets or other small birds as well. Plastic Tray. The ca [...]

Black Teddy Bear Hamster with Cage, Food, Bedding, Salt lick. Would be a great B-Day gift or Just a great little pet for a Child or Adult. $50 to Good Home, cash only please.

This is a prime set up! Everything you could need. Nice 3 story wire cage, hand sewn cube hanging bed, a cooling igloo (special ordered from overseas), a dust bath and refill dust, a small sleeping hut, food, treats, food dish, water bottle, running [...]

I have a Hamster Cage / Aquarium for sale. 10 gallon tanks. it has a 4 inch crack on the side of it. (has been that way for over a year and doesn't effect anything.) Comes with a water bottle, Big Wheel, Food Dish, and a home. $25.00 503 747-8393

It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to rehome my Netherland Dwarf bunny. Since my husband was laid off, it has been a struggle caring for my pets and I need to reduce my dependents. He is a one year old purebred with a pedigree, but is disqu [...]

Meet Myah she is about 6 months old, so she is still young and very playful. She is Panda hamster which means she is like a teddy bear hamster and is not a dwarf. She is a sweetheart and deserves way more attention than I can give her. I got her from [...]

Toby is 5 months old. Was born on Thanksgiving Day. It's a holland lop mix with cross breed. $30 comes in a box with hay and a sandwich bag of pallets. Text/call 503 415-1382. Keywords: hay, kitty, doggie, puppy, dog, cat, snake, hamster, cage, bunn [...]