Hamsters For Sale in Portland

Hi there, My son adopted a Fancy panda Syrian hamster for Christmas and then two days later he escaped from his cage. We replaced his hamster only for the first one to turn up again. We've tried to keep them both but we have a small house and don't [...]

I have a robo dwarf hamster who is not fully tame and needs a loving home with parents who have the time and patients to tame him. He is male and just about 1 year old. It would be easy to tame him if you have the time, and I am a very busy person an [...]

Lilly is in need of a home where she will be loved. I have four kids at home and none of them make time to play with her often or take care of her whatsoever. So much for an attempt at teaching them responsibility after begging for a pet. I have been [...]

Need to rehome my male robo hamster. He is about 3 months old no health problems at all, just too many other hamsters and pigs. Comes free with cage, wheel and bowl for food and sand. show contact info

Small animal cage in good condition. Great for dwarf hamster, hamster, mice, or other small critters. It comes with straw hut, running wheel, exercise ball, glass drinking bottle, and food dish. *Includes big bag of bedding that I have left. Dime [...]

-large cage with 4 levels and ramps. -two corner litter trays. -2 scoopers -large hamster ball -2 1/2 ft long crinkle tube -bag of pine bedding -long pipe/tube/tunnel -1 petote roxy bag Negotiations/trades welcome Looking for: -molle ii ruc [...]

Im getting harassing emails about trying to rehome my baby hamsters. I did not breed this hamster. I rescued her. She had babies 2 days later. This person wont stop emailing me and he is now calling the baby hamsters snake food. That is so nasty. Peo [...]