Hamsters For Sale in Portland

Female : BIG ball python 6 years old VERY friendly. Would make a great child's pet Used as a classroom pet and home pet Prefers to live with 1+ snakes in large tank. Never bitten anyone EVER!! Active and likes to be held and let down and slithe [...]

I have three hamster cages. Asking $10 for each. They are in good condition.

Hamster $15.00 Black n white got her as baby and have had her 3 months. Need to find her new home and she will need a cage.

I'm really wanting a russian white dwarf hamster and i'm looking for accessories to complete my hamster habitat little to no cost at all. the pictures i have uploaded are all pictures off of google. i am willing to drive to u or meet you halfway. tha [...]

I have a 10 gallon tank with a small crack in one of the top corners, would work well for reptiles or a hamster. $5 dollars

Do you need a nice black-trimmed 10-gallon aquarium? I have 3! 1 comes with a large-ish hot rock. ($15) 1 comes with a screen cover ($12) 1 is just the tank itself. All 3 have black trim. ($10) Or, take all 3 and make me an offer. They hold wate [...]

We have a 12 month old robo hamster that we need to re home. We have a puppy now and with us both working as well I think she needs to be around children or something. She has not bit us once but she is very fast and can be tricky to catch. When she [...]

My daughter's hamster Elektra isn't getting the attention she deserves. Elektra is approximately 8 months old and has gotten less and less attention as my daughter's competitive sports schedule has become more demanding. We would prefer to give Elekt [...]