Hamsters For Sale in Portland

hamster, gerbil and mice. Will not fit a guinea pig it is too small. Removable bottom. Clean. Picture coming. Opens on top. $30 Looks like pic but missing wheel and feeding dish. Yours will Come with water bottle and a food dish.

$20 two level critter trail home cage. All clean and ready for your furry one. Here is link to full details thru Petco.com http://www.petco.com/product/11499/Super-Pet-CritterTrail-Two.aspx?CoreCat=MM_SmallAnimalSupplies_CagesHabitatsHutches

I am looking for a hamster :) hopefully kid friendly so that my sweet niece can play with it (she is 2). I would prefer a female because I have had males in the past and I have decided that I would rather have a female. No dwarfs please, I would love [...]

We have a 12 month old robo hamster that we need to re home. We have a puppy now and with us both working as well I think she needs to be around children or something. She has not bit us once but she is very fast and can be tricky to catch. When she [...]

Multi-colored Gerbil/Hamster cage. Comes with lots of attachments to add more cages and additional play grounds for your furry friends. Good condition, previously used for two hamsters for 5 months before getting a large cage and more hamsters. Askin [...]

Extra large wheel - this wheel is perfect for rats or chinchillas. Brand new, 11 inch dia., has stand or attaches to side of cage. Sells new for about $14, asking $12. Mini run-about ball - this is a good size for mice and dwarf hamsters. Brand new, [...]

I over bred this month and have 10 extra baby rats. Selling for 3 dollars each. If you're considering a guinea pig, hamster or mouse as a pet I would suggest a rat as they are much more friendly and in my opinion more adorable. I have some albino and [...]

Hello! I currently have a rabbit, two guinea pigs, a syrian hamster, a mouse, and three female rats. I'm adopting a parakeet/budgie soon, so supplies for any of these animals would be great! I'm looking for cages, food, cage accessories, chew toys, w [...]