Hamsters For Sale in Portland

HAMSTER CAGE WITH ACCESSORIES Comes with everything you need except the animal. 20 Gallon Tank with wire mesh top lid Food Dish Water Bottle Wheel Tunnels Home / Hut Critter Bath Hut Food (half bag) Bedding / Shavings (half bag) the cage m [...]

Mini run-about ball - this is a good size for mice and dwarf hamsters. Brand new, still in packaging. I have one yellow and one clear one (not pictured). These sell for about $6, asking $5. Medium run-about ball - this is a good size for regular ham [...]

Cage in really good shape with shingle roofing. $50 for cage.. Text/call show contact info keywords: rabbit, puppy, hamster, dog, kitty, cat, chickens,

Hamster cage with food water bottle rolling ball lil ceramic house lots of wood chew toys that are new and more! Asking $20

Could use a quick clean out nothing dirty just dusty. It comes with black mesh lid so you can remove the top story that locks on to tank. Good to use with gerbils hamster mice maybe one rat

Hello i have a hamster that is at least 5 months old female I have 2 other hamsters and i dont really want her she will let you hold her she had her first litter but ate all of them....she is tan and white she is cute. She wont come with anything j [...]

I have a clean and clear 7" hamster ball. I bought it for my guinea pigs but then I saw that they're not meant for it. Asking for $10 obo

I am moving and getting rid of all my small animal supplies. $20 for it all I have: (2) 7" diameter clear running balls (1) mini blue running ball (2) more than 1/2 full bag of pine shavings (1) ziplock snack size bag of yogurt treats (1) unope [...]