Hamsters For Sale in Portland

Black Bear Hamster, Cage & Accessories * Sweet Hamster needs a good home. Daughter doesn't have time for him anymore. * Comes w/Cage, Wheel, House, Food Dish, & Food Asking $45 for rehoming fee + cage/accessories

I adopted the first pup to leave this litter and he quickly became part of the family. As you can see in my pics, this little hamster is already best friends with my elephant.

Would anyone be interested in adopting a female, brown & white, Syrian hamster? She was originally found abandoned a few months ago and she was emaciated. Since then she has put on weight and seems to be very healthy. She currently lives in a homemad [...]

I have 2 adorable boy gerbils that need a new home. I have had them for about a year now and they are both in good health. They come with all the equipment you need to take care of them: a large cage with an exercise wheel, chew toys, a small cave, a [...]

Be sure to mark your calendars for the 20th Portland Metro Reptile Expo on Saturday, August 29th. It's pure REPTILIAN MANIA! For more info, feel free to email me anytime. 20th Portland Metro Reptile Expo Saturday, August 29, 2015 Portland Airport [...]

Mini run-about ball - this is a good size for mice and dwarf hamsters. Brand new, still in packaging. I have one yellow and one clear one (not pictured). These sell for about $6, asking $5. Medium run-about ball - this is a good size for regular ham [...]

This collection will include two (2) Critter Trail Cages, two (2) Space Wheels with one (1) ramp, two (2) outside of cage attachment wheels, two (2) purple bubble rings, tubing, a medium size run-about ball and one (1) pink critter carriage. Each ite [...]

Complete setup with food, cage, bedding, rehoming fee $40