Hamsters For Sale in Minneapolis

Hamster or Gerbil Habitat Exercise Ball Wood Chip Bedding Two weeks worth of food One of a kind Lego napping room $35 for the whole set. Just add the rodent of your dreams and enjoy!

Small animal cage with hamster ball, exercise wheel, water bottle and food bowl.

This would be a perfect little pet for some small children. My kids have grown up and are no longer interested. This pet comes with a 10G glass aquarium, along with a water bottle and a running wheel for exercises. Everything is well taking care of a [...]

This is actually TWO cages I put together. You can connect em to make one huge, epic cage, or leave them separate- whatever is best for your gerbil/hamster. I have all the things that came with both cages, so this is two complete sets. I'm asking $40 [...]

Guinea pig cage for 15$ or large hamster cage

20 gallon long aquarium that is in great condition. It was first used for a hamster and then for tree frogs but it holds water and does not leak. Its currently set up as a terrarium but I will clean it before selling. Asking $20 and pick up in Ramsey [...]

I have a dwarf hamster that I need to rehome. He is friendly but nips sometimes when being picked up. He comes with 2 crittertrail cages and tubes, a lot of bedding and whatever food is left. Asking $30/OBO

I have 2 55 gallon tanks for sale. One of the tanks slow leaks (would be and easy reseal) and the other tank holds water but is missing the center brace (it does hold water though no leaks on that one). I also have a 55 gallon wood stand. Take the 2 [...]

I have a cage for sale with two food/water dishes (one dish attaches to cage), a hay basket that attaches to cage, a litter box, an igloo, a water bottle, nail clippers, a bunny care book, wooden chew sticks, small bag of pellets, big bag of bunny fo [...]

Jack is a 7 year old (as of August 5th)male pink (white) Chinchilla He is a spunky lil guy that loves bananna chips He has not been housed with any other chinchillas an should not be housed with a female chinchilla to avoid risk of him breeding (hi [...]

I have a Dwarf hamster hybrid. 30bucks. Comes with small tank.Because she is a hybrid there is a 90% chance she is sterile. Hybrids very rarely are able to reproduce. This means that if you are a breeder, don't bother contacting me. She is 2 months o [...]

Very shy hamster. About 8 months old. Needs to learn to be tamed. Willing to meet around Cambridge, Elk River, North Branch, Princeton. Comes with cage, food, etc.

I have 2 Ponds (Hard Plastic Shells) $15.00each No Leaks. My first home type 1 level rat/hamster/guinea pig cage $10.00 30 Gallon long tank with screen lid & Drift wood (Wood Trim) No leaks. $30.00 Small Dog kennel, little rust around latch easy p [...]

Last year I got rid of all my hamsters and have they're toys (Wheels, houses, ect.) sitting in my garage. I just cleaned everything but you might want to give them a wipe down before you put them in your animals cages. Everything is in great conditio [...]

Hello I have 2 Syrian Hamsters who are a year old and don't want to breed for me. They need a good pet home! They are both friendly and can be handled and played with, both will take treats from your hands. Hamsters are solitary and can not live t [...]

I have 2 hamster cages each will come with an igloo, food bowl, water bottle, and litter box. I also have some extra tubes, treats, food and bedding to go as well. Each cages is $25 and if you wan all the extras its an additional $10. Please text 95 [...]

Hi there. I have a 10 gallon fish tank for sell for $10. It comes with a water bottle, screen lid with clamps that keep the lid on so that your fury pet can't push it's way out, and what's left of my bag of bedding. I also have a two level bird cage [...]

We have 14 little baby hamsters that love attention and have lots of energy. They love to run around and play. We play with them a lot, and let them run around in an empty room one hamster at a time to play with us. They are over four weeks old and r [...]

My daughter's hamster had babies! They are weaned from there mom's and ready to go to there own homes! 15 total, 8 females, 7 males. Been separated since 3-4 weeks and are 6-8 weeks old now. Do great in pairs or more if cage space allows. Handled and [...]

I am getting a hamster soon and rather than just go but one at the store I was wondering if anyone wanted to sell theirs so it's like a win win situation. Haha! Also looking for toys and bedding but the cage is the main thing :) please respond with a [...]

Hes six months blind in both eyes and healed broken leg hes a happy little guy funny to waych has not been handled latley cuz of healing and is super scared I want him to go to a home that will work with him. Cage and everything30 or just him free. H [...]

I just moved and now have two energetic cats and unfortunately I can't bring my hamster to my new place because of the kitties. He is friendly, doesn't and hasn't ever bitten anyone. I would love for him to go to a good home with nice people that c [...]

Re homing fee 100$ with all the cages or I will sell separately. Young male hamster who never bit me.

Nice habitat for your small pet. Includes water bottle, wheel, food bowl, igloo plus extra tubes for exercise. Also includes an almost full bag of bedding. Cash only please. Thank you!

I have a dwarf hamster with cage and food that I need to find a new home for. He isn't shy or scared of people but he will nip sometimes when you pick him up. Please email me with any questions or if you would like pictures. Asking $20/OBO for everyt [...]