Hamsters For Sale in Minneapolis

Hi! Am looking for a hamster! Please e-mail me if you have one, prefer to have a cage and some supplies included.

55 gallon. Super wide & long. Crack in upper corner. Fill it with water 3/4 of way. Great for a reptile, turtle, or hamster! Asking $40 or best offer!! INCLUDES COVER. ***Keywords:breeder tank, reptile tank, aquarium, 55 gallon, hamster, fish.

Hello, I am selling my adorable female Syrian Hamster. I recently sold her sister and I thought I would be able to keep her but I just don't think I'm giving her the time she deserves. She is 12 weeks old, got her at Pet Smart, so she is perfectly h [...]

Dwarf male hamster with cages food and bedding. $25 bought from petco. Got for my niece and not working out.

My daughter has decided, after much deliberation, that it is just not fair to her mice to never get to leave her bedroom. She just got these little beauties for her birthday in August, but then for Christmas, the family got a kitten and so the mice h [...]

rehoming a Female Dwarf short hair Hamster. about 6 months old. Soft tan & white color. Not hand tamed yet. Very cute and active! No cage for sale.You must have your own. Will come with a bit of food and bedding. Asking only $5. :-) Pick up in Maple [...]

1..Big Dawg watering dish $15 2.pet gate with small pet door. $20 ( I have several only without Sm pet door) 3. Top Finn glass aquarium $20 (I have 2) 4. med birdcage$15 5. HD CRITTER CAGE $20 6. pet door with walkthrough $45 7. brand new terra [...]

Hi I have a hamster kennel tons of food treat & bedding. Asking $15 bucks for all . Thanks Courtney

Hello, I am selling my Adorable Female Short Hair Syrian Hamster, because I just don't have the time she deserves, and my dog doesn't really like her. I just got her a couple weeks ago at PetSmart, so she is perfectly healthy. She is 9 weeks old. Wo [...]

I h ave a dwarf hamster for sale. My siblings no longer want him. He comes with a cage, water bottle, food, food dish, bedding, a tube, a hut, and wheel for cage. All for $35 negotiable to good home.

Free hamsters

I'm looking for hopefully two but will take one hamster. Not the little tiny hamsters (dwarf) I want a normal hamster. That are like a handfull when adults. I have everything needed to house two (or even more but want two). I don't care about age as [...]

Here is a cage that is small. Overall for the cage is, Length is 13. Width is 10 1/2. Height is 14 1/2. Its in fair shape. Asking $4.00

This is Cookie. She is a large, black dominant spot, female, fancy teddybear (syrian) hamster. I'm not completely sure how old she is. I've had her for 7 months. Shes had one litter of pups back in august. Super friendly, great with kids, doesnt bite [...]

I currently have a young Syrian hamster, he comes with food, a 20 gal tank, and a petsmart cardboard carrier. The whole setup is 25$ or best offer Please email me for pictures if interested

My sister got me this for Christmas and as much as I appreciate her, I don't want a animal. Maybe someone wants a teddy bear hamster? She's female. Super sweet. Pretty chunky! NO SNAKE FOOD PLEASE. She hasn't bit me and I doubt she would. She's a [...]

Dwarf Hamster, won't get bigger then is! Comes with everything! Food, cage, water bottle, snacks, nibbling blocks.

I have a Syrian hamster that I felt is just not getting the attention that he deserves. I am asking a rehoming fee of $10. I have a spare cage for an additional $10. Please contact me with any offers. Please do not contact me if you are looking for s [...]