Hamsters For Sale in Minneapolis

I am looking for a tamed and friendly MALE dwarf hamster, I would like for him to be young and a winter white hamster but if he's a campbell then that's fine, too. I would go to the pet stores but most are not friendly. If you have one that you need [...]

A few cages, bedding, food, everything you need to get started for a hamster. Asking $50

8 month old Teddy Bear hamster needs new home. Pipsqueek has lovely long black fur with white markings. He loves to climb and is a quiet pet. Please see the pictures to see what is included. He has an aquarium with an addition on top for all of his [...]

I have a brand new in sealed box Kaytee Critter Trail Clear Habitat for hamsters/gerbils for sale. This cage will come with extra tubes to attach, and a 2lb bag of Hazel Hamster food which is almost impossible to find in stores. Everything is brand n [...]

I am looking for a gerbil or a hamster for my children. They have been asking for a little one but would get to be spendy if I buy at petco. Can buy food just the start up cost is spendy :-( MUST be friendly. Sex doesn't matter. Preferably with cage [...]

2 female sugar gliders at 4 years old. They are Tippy and Feather. They will come with cage and what food and vitamins I have. Also a pouch I made and toys. They are typical gliders. They can bite especially tippy but it could be that we just can't b [...]

Huge Critter Trail House With TONS of rubes to climb through, two feeding bowls, water bottle, nesting materials, food. Enough to get you started.... all you is the mouse or hamster! $30 Keywords mouse, house, rat, hamster, crittertrail, critter tra [...]

Hamster with food, wheel, and small water bottle. You will need a cage for him. He hates small spaces, so the larger the cage the better. We have him in a large aquarium, but aquariums are expensive, so we need to keep it. $20 to rehome-also ensures [...]

Hello. Thank you for viewing my post! I have a 9 month old hamster named Meadow. We are moving to a new place and can't take her with us. She is content being on her own, but likes to get out and roam around in her ball. If she gets scared she will [...]

Dwarf hamster, cage, food, running ball, bedding Bought hamster and cats are too interested, must re home. $30 show contact info Call or text

comes with food and bedding for a month and also comes with cage $10

I have a bag of Timothy hay. I bought it for hamster thinking that she would like it but she doesn't I am assuming hamsters don't eat timothy hay well at least ours doesn't. so if you have a chinchilla rabbit or a guinea pig you are welcome to it

Sliding glass door enclosure with screen on top: $10 Wire cage 3 level with water bottle good for a rat, hamster, or large mice: $10 Home made wooden enclosure, vinal tile floor,with working light fixture 2'x4'x3' swing out open doors (on it's side [...]

We have a Russian Adult Female Hamster that my daughter cannot train. We hope someone can take her so we can get her a Chinese Drawf Hamster. She used to have a Chinese Drawf Hamster that she adores so much for 3 years until it died because it was to [...]

I am selling my two hamster cages, The Crittertrail Two and the CritterTrail X, comes with everything as well as some extra parts. They also have glass water bottles. I no longer have my hamsters. The cages have been cleaned. Asking $40 for both or $ [...]

1.Livingston tank kit $30 2. 1.5 g LED aquarium kit $15 3. mini bowfront $7 4. 5 gallon hex $20 5. top finn glass aquarium $20 6. Kitty breeze $10. (2 for $15) 7. . BIG Dawg fountain $15 8.. Quiet flow 55/75. $20 9. 29 gallon glass tank (no t [...]

My daughter has decided, after much deliberation, that it is just not fair to her mice to never get to leave her bedroom. She just got these little beauties for her birthday in August, but then for Christmas, the family got a kitten and so the mice h [...]