Hamsters For Sale in Minneapolis

A puppy, a cat, a hamster or even a rat is NOT a proper "gift" for anybody that is not able to care for a living creature. These animals need your time, your care. your love and your attention. PLEASE think 3 times before buying a living creature f [...]

2 tanks: 10 gallon, no lid or accessories....... $10 10 gal with screen top, feeding dishes & accessories...... $25 Reptile, fish, critter Terrarium, aquarium, tank habitats great for fish, turtle, tortoise, gecko, bearded dragon, snake, chameleon [...]

All are Oceanic tanks with matching stands. All were recently emptied so NO leaks and are all in good shape. Consolidating and trying make some room is reason ONLY for moving them along... None of these HAVE to be sold so pretty firm in pricing unle [...]

I have for sale a complete set up good for a hamster, Mouse, or gerbil. Comes complete with two critter trail cages connected by a tube, two wheels, a litter pan, a running ball, a food bowl, water bottle, additional connector tubes, chew toys, costu [...]

I have a Syrian hamster that I felt is just not getting the attention that he deserves. I am asking a rehoming fee of $20. I have a spare cage for an additional $20. Please contact me with any offers. Please do not contact me if you are looking for s [...]

This would be a perfect little pet for some small children. My kids have grown up and are no longer interested. This pet comes with a 10G glass aquarium, along with a water bottle and a running wheel for exercises. Everything is well taking care of a [...]

Complete set up in great condition - suitable for hamster, gerbil or mouse . The cage has very minimal wear. The Silent Spinner wheel is like new. It can stand on its own or be attached to the wires of the cage. The critter play pen is in good condit [...]

Small rodent cage for sale! -18" high x 15" wide x 11" deep -Wire cage frame with 1/2" bar spacing -Frame lifts off 4"-deep plastic tray -Flip-top lid -3 levels with 2 wire ladders -Top 2 levels are also made of wire with 1/2" spacing, but they [...]

I have a hamster cage and some wheels and a water bottle and some food and some other things for a hamster. the hamster cage is new we bought it for our hamster and she like the aquarium better so she never used not. Its for three floors. 15 for ever [...]

I am selling my winter white doff hamster because I am moving and my girlfriends nephew can't be around them. she is in a 36W 18 L 12H cage with doors on the front of it. the cage comes with her its a $176 cage. I am asking $135 for her and the cage. [...]

Hello I have a bunch of just weaned Syrian Hamsters for adoption. I have males and females and a variety of colors. They are currently living with same sexes. Hamsters are solitary animals and need to live alone. They love running on their wheel. [...]

Aquarium size 20"x12"x10" for various animals or hamster. Supplies included. Only $25.

White critter trail hamster cage with extension, used one month, can send picture if needed, $10.

Hello everyone, I have a female hamster that is free to a good home. She will need to be housed alone as she has begun to beat up the other hamsters she is housed with. I would keep her but I already have two hamster cages and I can not accomadate an [...]

I'm looking for a guinea pig or hamster that anyone is willing to part with for free. my son who is autistic really wants one of them for his birthday. he's been devastated that we had to get rid of his last one due to me not working. I now am worki [...]

Looking to re-home my female dwarf hamster. I've had her for about a year and I'm moving into a house for college that doesn't allow animals. She comes with a cage that came from Petsmart (all in one cage with a wheel) and hamster ball that she loves [...]

I'm looking for a male Syrian (teddy bear) hamster! My younger sister has been asking for one for her birthday and I would love to surprise her! She's 14 and I believe she's able to care for one. (As they aren't TOO much work) I found out that fema [...]

I am selling the cages I have had my Mice in, They have recently passed (not by disease, just by old age) I have a 10gal tank with screen top that comes with 4 plastic huts, 2 wheels, food bowl, water bottle w/ holder, and another hut type thing. I a [...]

Hello~ I have a bunch of Dwarf Winter White hamsters looking for their forever homes. They are all healthy and have been handled from birth. I have Males & Females available. I have gray, yellow, brown and Rare Orange Sunburst color. They enjoy r [...]

Here is a cage that is small. Overall for the cage is, Length is 13. Width is 10 1/2. Height is 14 1/2. Its in fair shape. Asking $4.00