Hamsters For Sale in Minneapolis

Hello I have some Syrian Big Hamsters looking for their forever homes. They are all happy and healthy and used to being handled. I have a variety of colors. I have males and females available. I can not ship or deliver. Pick up in Chaska Hamst [...]

I have a large hamster cage and a box of tubes and hideouts you can connect to the tubes. Im asking 5$ for the cage and 10$ for the tubes and hideouts. If you want both its 10$

$10 each!! Clean, excellent condition.

I have a wire pet home for sale. It could be used for a bunny or anything else that is a little bit bigger like that. The spaces in between the bars are about an inch so it wouldn't work for a hamster or anything. It measures 32x21x18 and has a door [...]

Hamster needs to go to a good home! Small re-homing fee of $20. Comes with cage, bedding, water bottle and food. Super sweet but I can't take her with me to my new apartment.

Large lot of miscellaneous pocket pet supplies. Good for gerbils, mice, and hamsters. Included are: standard exercise wheel, dust bath (with dust), wooden crawl tube, barn and acorn ceramic huts, kabob skewer for chew toys, ceramic feed dishes, flyer [...]

A fun, contemporary playhouse for your pocket pet (mouse, gerbil, or hamster). All parts are in good working order. Can be configured into different layouts so that your pets environment can be stimulating and entertaining. New components can still b [...]

For sale are two friendly, and soft female chinchillas, a two story cage with wood blocks for teething and water attachments, two hamster style balls for them to play in, a carrying cage that fits both chinchillas, dust bath, and a couple of weeks wo [...]

All for sale, $30, neg. for seperate items cage (glass) green dome treats food wood chips tunnel blue exercise ball

We are about an hour and a half from the cities. Willing to meet by the border in Hudson or St. Croix Falls. 2 female sugar gliders at 4 years old. They are Tippy and Feather. They will come with cage and what food and vitamins I have. Also a pouch [...]

I am looking to re-home Opal, my Campbell's Russian Dwarf Hamster. I bought Opal a couple months ago but am not longer able to keep her due to the other pets in the house. I am re-homing her with her 3 story cage, a smaller "travel" cage, box of food [...]

One month old hamsters. DJ dwarf. Male and a female. Very tame. Good starter pets, and fun to play with for kids. $5 rehoming fee.

Comes with cage, large bag of bedding that's mostly full, some food. Small rehoming fee.

Male hamster with cage, bedding and food. All for $50.00 I paid near $100.00 for everything Granddaughter has allergies to bedding. Only had him for 1 month. His name is Robby. He loves to be handle.Bought him at Petco.

A few cages, bedding, food, everything you need to get started for a hamster. Asking $50

Aquarium size 20"x12"x10" for various animals or hamster. Supplies included. Only $25.

I have a brand new in sealed box Kaytee Critter Trail Clear Habitat for hamsters/gerbils for sale. This cage will come with extra tubes to attach, and a 2lb bag of Hazel Hamster food which is almost impossible to find in stores. Everything is brand n [...]

I've got quite a few guinea pigs that need new homes. They were all unwanted so we rescued them and gave them the care they needed. (Many were not given the proper care.) Now, they're ready to go to their forever homes! Rehoming fees can be negotiate [...]

I am looking to rehome my white African pygmy hedgehog, Theo. I just don't have the time to spend with him anymore unfortunately. He's a year old and really sweet! He can be pretty shy but warms up after a couple of handlings. Asking for $180 obo reh [...]

I am looking for a tamed and friendly MALE dwarf hamster, I would like for him to be young and a winter white hamster but if he's a campbell then that's fine, too. I would go to the pet stores but most are not friendly. If you have one that you need [...]

I am looking for a gerbil or a hamster for my children. They have been asking for a little one but would get to be spendy if I buy at petco. Can buy food just the start up cost is spendy :-( MUST be friendly. Sex doesn't matter. Preferably with cage [...]