Hamsters For Sale in Dallas

I bought a playmate for my gerbil and this hamster cage came with him. Haven't used this cage since I got him - it's just been sitting around unused. His previous owner used it but it's still in good condition. Comes with an adjustable running wheel [...]

Play ball - big size. Play fence - great condition

I am looking for a pet hamster with complete set up (cage and accessories). I do have experience caring for them. Thought I would check here before visiting the pet store. Thanks!

Have a small/medium size hamsters(5) cage with bedding and some food. Has bottle feeder, food bowl, running wheel. Colorful cage. Comes with five of them🐹 Contact me for more info NEED GONE

Cleaning up and am getting rid of these small animal habitats that are barely used or never even opened that I'm not using: 1) rat/small animal cage 24H X 23 1/2L X 16D 2) 2 very small, travel bird cages. The black one is 15 1/2L X 11W X 8 1/2D an [...]

Great for reptiles, snakes, lizards, frogs , turtles. or even hamster/guinea pig a few stains on bottom of the tank from heat pad (I bought I used it came this way). A little dusty but can easily be wiped down. I used it for a corn snake, There is a [...]

Adorable Hamster Alert!! Sprinkles, Hammy, Cheeky, and Leony are a group of precious female hamsters waiting for their fur-ever homes! They were brought in when their previous owner had too many animals to care for. They're all very soft and seem to [...]

I have a friendly golden syrian hamster and I have taken care him for a little less than a year. I'm moving to Austin soon and I need to give him to a owner that can make sure he is healthy and active. Traits: Very curious, loves to chew.

I have a dwarf/robo hamster with critter trail cage. Comes with all accessories. About 3 months old.

I'm looking for a pet! I really want a fury small animal(:

I hate to do this but I need to rehome my class hedgehog. We don't use him enough in class, and when I've started keeping him at home my cat thinks he's a toy. He comes with a cage, his wheel, large house he sleeps in, water bottle, and toys. Everyth [...]

2 hand tamed male mice with larg cage, food bowl, water container, wheel, extra food, bedding, chew toys, and two hamster balls. for $25 please contact for more information.