Hamsters For Sale in Dallas

I am looking to rehome my female hedgehog who is about 4-5 months old. She will come with ALL of her supplies including food for $250. She will not be sold separately as I need her things to go with her. This really is a cheap "package" deal if you k [...]

I have a Dwarf Hamster that needs a good home. He is very sweet but I do not have the time to play with him and love on him as much as I use to. He has a nice cage with tubing that will go to his new home with him. He lives in a household with cats a [...]

Female dwarf robo hamster with CritterTail expandable habitat. She is very sweet and small. Best for older children because she is small and can get away very quickly. She loves to run on her wheel. Will include wood shavings and food. Asking a rehom [...]

Hi I have cute dwarf hamster babies. They are 3 months and are eating on their own and drinking from the bottle water. If you are interested please call Ot text show contact info Small rehoming fee $5 each. I would like for them to go at a minimum of 2ham [...]

I have for sale a complete set up for hamsters. It comes complete with 10 gallon tank, mesh lid, exercise wheel, exercise ball (that rolls on floor) 1 new unopened bag of bedding, and 1/2 bag of bedding, food, snacks, water bottle, food bowl, hollow [...]

I have for sale a Guinea pig home by Kaytee. This can also be used for other small animals such as Chinchillas, dwarf rabbit, or Ferrets. It is New in the Unopened box. We decided to not get a small animal. Your pet guinea pig is sure to enjoy livin [...]

Extra large Repti Breeze aluminum screen cage. Fully equipped with jungle vine, sticks and a reptile safe plant, two basking spots, timer, and temperature/ humidity gauges. Both basking lights and UV lights included Also includes large Repti Breeze [...]

Im looking for a male or female but mainly a male dwarf chinese hamster most if them are grey but some are grey with white spots even better if you have one or know somebody that has one please send them my way with price and picture txt or call 254- [...]

I have a 8 month old male hamster who is extremely tame and loves to be held. I want him in a good home. Small fee of $10. Just the hamster by itself. You must provide cage and accessories. .. He's a very sweet boy with a calm personality.

Cute 4 Week Old Hamster . Need Him Gone Due To The Fact That My Hamsters Had More Babies . Asking For A 10$ Fee . If You Have Any Questions Text Me .

New dog crates, birdcages, rabbit, ferret, gerbil, hamster, rat, mouse, bird carry cages, parakeet nest, wood breeder boxes, bird seed, finch nest etc. We also carry bird, rabbit, chicken, dog, cat, horse feed. Bedding for small animals, Costal hay o [...]

gerbil/hamster cage with lots and lots of extras.. also have 3 female gerbils I'm wanting to get rid of $10 each.. $25 for everything 1 full setup with lots of extras to make a big palace and 3 gerbils Plano, allen, frisco, hamster, cage, female, st [...]

I'm selling a Ware premium penthouse playpen. This is NEW in the box and can be used for rabbits or other small animals. you can use it stand alome or with the ware preium rabbit hutch. Give your pet more living space or a place to go outside where y [...]

Looking to buy used hamster cages, tubes, toys (depending on quality) and playpens! I really want Crittertrails or WARE Critter Universe ones. Tubes, Lazy look outs, play pens for exercising, toys like exercise balls, wheels, and wood toys or little [...]

Hi I have cute dwarf hamster and teddy bear hamster babies. They are 3 months and are eating on their own and drinking from the bottle water. If you are interested please call Ot text show contact info Small rehoming fee $5 each. I would like for them to g [...]

Hi I have cute dwarf hamster babies and teddy bear hamsters. They are 3 months old, very playful and are eating on their own and drinking from the bottle water. If you are interested please call show contact info Small rehoming fee $5 each. I would like fo [...]

Hi I just upgraded all my birds to an aviary so I no longer am in need of these cages they are all like new in fantastic condition and have been cleaned and disinfected and ready to go.they can be used for indoor or outdoor.There are no accessories o [...]

Hello, my name is Squiggles! I'm a super sweet one year old female Teddy-bear hamster looking for a loving home! I love running on my wheel and exploring in my hamster ball. After working up an appetite, I like eating my hamster food and popcorn for [...]

I have the sweetest little dwarf hamster. He loves attention and being held. I love him to death but I just don't feel like I give him enough attention. Comes with food, bedding, cage, water bottle, food bowl, hide out, and treats. Just give me a cal [...]

Did you or someone in your family give your child a small animal for christmas or birthday? Do you have a cage for it? No, then I have a deal for you. I have a cage with stand for sale. Ideal for a guinea pig, hamster, rabbit, or any other small anim [...]

Do not buy hamsters from this person. We gave these hamsters to them with the cages because we were told they were going to be their four children's pets. This person is driving around taking advantage of people and using kids to do it. Disgraceful.. [...]

We would like to find our 4 little friends a new home, we are moving to a smaller place and unfortunately there wont be enough room for them. We have 2 males and 2 females, and 2 different little cages equipped with water and food trays and many hide [...]

I have 3 hamster to regime each one has its on cage and they are all females. 2 are winter white the other is a Russian and is orange and white there is no rehoming fee I am getting rid of them cause i am moving into an apt

Hello I'd greatly appreciate any info about any baby robo dwarf hammys for sale. Contact me any time. I stay up til 2am. Thank you for your time and help (:

I have three probably pregnant female fancy mice I'd like to trade for a Robo hamster or hamster supplies, such as (but not limited too): Cages, carriers, food, food bowls, water bottles, houses, tubes, toys or a female Robo Hamster! One mouse is re [...]