Do pet hamsters give out a bad odor?

Pet Hamsters.

Would a pet hamster stink up a room?

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  1. bobbie v

    hamster urine smells if the cage is not kept clean

  2. cheekymunky

    Yes. But you get use to it.

  3. Joe B

    You do need to keep their cages clean, and have plenty of room for them.

    If they are not over crowded, they will tend to pick one part of their cage for a “bathroom” and will use only that area for that purpose. If they are over crowded, they will end up running through that area, and that will cause them to have a bad odor.

  4. missy

    not if you keep the cage nice and clean

  5. lizzfrizz13

    Hamsters tend to give out bad odors when you don’t clean their cage often, or they don’t clean themselves properly. If you want to get rid of it, change the cage and wipe your hamster with a damp paper towel softly and the smell should go away. If not, I don’t know how to help you.

  6. Annie

    Hamsters urinate in their bedding, so frequent and thorough cage cleanings are a must, or they start to smell pretty rank. Good Luck!!

  7. Chelsea M

    If you have one that does not produce as much urine,no.You can get these at Petsmart.They are usually from the desert but make great pets,Especially for children.

  8. *annie marie*

    yah! they stank like bad ass! i used to have one we named it stank ass

  9. bdenton2k

    Only if you bought it used from San Francisco

  10. Mr and Mrs Leland Chapman

    Just make sure you keep the cage clean.

  11. glitterkittyy

    My daughters have three dwarf hamsters in two cages (male by himself). We change their cage at least once per week including disinfecting it. No bad smells at all!

  12. princess_clarissa_5

    yes.. just keep the hamsters cage clean.

  13. greydrakkon

    As long as you take PROPER care of it, like removing wet bedding every few days, then no, they don’t smell much at all. They tend to be fairly neat, going pee in usually one corner of the cage. You can get away with just removing that area for a bit, but you want to change ALL the bedding every week or other week, including washing the bottom with soapy water and rinsing that out. Also, if its scared, it can produce a strong musky smell (kinda skunk-ish) but it has to be really scared, and it goes away after a while.

  14. chrfou18

    they do have a distinct smell not neccesarily a bad one. that is unless thier cage is not kept clean a dirty hamster cage will stink up any room and posibly the house. but if you keep the bedding changed they wont “stink up” a room they just have a natural odor like all animals

  15. funkychunky

    if you clean the cage often there should be no smell though the urine could emit a fowl odor. if you want to prevent this you could try giving it a lot of water or you could install a little toilet inside the cage(just kiding). the smell could aldo be from being in te heat, especially in female hamsters, so if this is the reason try to give it some cucumber and it should get better.some hamsters also have a tendensy to eat their own poop so that may be it too.another possibilitie is that the smell is not the hamster but something else in the room or something which the hamster spends a lot of time with.if the smell dosen’t get better go to the vet or buy some fabreeze.

  16. Maria S

    Yes, unless the urine is thoroughly swept and cleaned out.

    Rodents’ urine is really stinky.

    Of course, the rest of the cage has to be very clean, too. But urine is by far the worst “odor factor” in hamsters.

  17. Sarah M

    keep there cages clean cause if its not all its doin is crawling in is pee and its poop…you could also give your hamster a bath

  18. lalala l

    the hamster itself doesnt smell bbut when it pees and u leave its cage there for a while…it does start to stink…but eventually u’ll get used to it pretty well!

  19. carlito_scores

    It depends, I have 7 Hamsters and I all put them in a small room like a closet except it has a window, when I open the door I can smell the bad odor. But if you leave doors open to every rooms where your hamsters are than the hamster probably won’t stink up the room since the odor is around everywhere which will be spread out like a small odor in every room.

    And it also depends is if how often you clean your hamster’s cage, if you clean it once a week, that would be better for the odor. It will stink less.

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