Could you put two Fancy Russian Hamsters together?

Pet Hamsters.

Could you put two Fancy Russian Hamsters together?
I just got one yesterday from Petsmart and they said that all the ones they have range from 2-3 months would it be ok to get another one. If you need to i will take a picture of the cage, it has enough room for both but i would probably expand the cage.

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  1. tater

    they could u never know.

  2. Sukoi

    Yeah, it should be fine, as long as you introduce them while they’re still young.

  3. RobertoR

    yes you can, but they can still fight, something you may want to know, when hamsters fight the fight badly they sometimes fight to death!

    but you could introduced them,
    i got a robo dwarf hamster, and when i got him his friend here is what i did, i put them in the bath tub (TAKE THE WATER OUT FIRST!!) and then put them both in let them smell each other and do this every day for 20 minutes or so for about a week, then put them in one cage together and see what happens if they fight separate them!!!! make sure to clean the cage and toys well so your hamsters scent won’t be on the toys and such.

    well good luck, hope you have fun with your new hamsters!:)

  4. The Doctor's Assistant

    generally speaking russian hamsters get on – but make sure both are male (or both female) or you will have lots of babies! They are more likely to get on with members of the same litter (family). But they may not get on so be prepared – like people – put 2 x strangers together they may get on or they may fight so have a back up plan (a spare cage handy maybe). Syrian hamsters generally do not get on together & prefer living alone but Russian hamsters are more sociable animals. Good luck! :)

  5. Sierra

    well, we had two hamsters once both boys and the kept fighting and were very annoying at night!! I suggest getting a rat. There so adorable, really easy to take care of too. I love mine ;]

  6. JesusFreak

    I wouldn’t. Usually bad things like overnight fights happen when putting hamsters together.
    I’m selling two small cages. They’re the ovo trails.
    I’m selling them for 20 and if your interested, my email is

    Please buy them. They’re 50 dollars at pet stores, and I really need to get rid of them.

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