Baby Hamsters

Give away free baby robo hamsters

there are five baby robo hamsters, and 2 adult robo hamsters, they are FREE, if interested, please call 817 703 5991 for Eric

A Day in the Life of my Hamster Aria

Can anyone tell me what breed my hamster is? No one ever seems to know… This video is my first handmade video… for a friend who really want to see my hamster! Excuse the fact that I’m not very good a filming! Please comment, rate, and subscribe. There are some orange words that’s blurry, so […]

Breeding Dwarf and Siberian Dwarf Hamsters?

Question by Nick: Breeding Dwarf and Siberian Dwarf Hamsters? My friend has a regular male dwarf hamster and i have a female siberian dwarf hamster. can you breed them? Best answer: Answer by animal mommywrong section Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments! [wprebay kw=”breeding+hamsters” num=”0″ ebcat=”-1″]

Mother hamster grooming her baby Watch as Elly the mother hamster from withing her coconut hamster house grooms the baby hamster. Then drags him back in for safe keeping Video Rating: 5 / 5 [wprebay kw=”baby+hamsters” num=”0″ ebcat=”-1″]

Tips for breeding hamsters ?

Question by melissssaa: Tips for breeding hamsters ? Okay. So i’m planning on breeding hamsters. all i need is a female :S Oh and don’t worry i found future homes for about 10 baby Syrian hamsters. So my question is: My male syrian hamster is currently about 8 months old. if i get a female […]

Baby Hamsters on an Exercise Wheel

Mama Hamster tries to show her babies how to work their new exercise wheel, but the kids are way too impatient! Hilarity and adorableness ensues. Video Rating: 5 / 5 [wprebay kw=”baby+hamsters” num=”0″ ebcat=”-1″]

all about breeding dwarf hamsters?

Question by Alex: all about breeding dwarf hamsters? i have two female russian dwarf hamsters and i am thinking about breeding them(most likely lending them out to a friend with a male hamster). i have some questions such as, what other kind of hamsters can they be bred with, and what are the pros and […]

Pregnant hamsters, hamster babies and new hamster!

Video Rating: 5 / 5 [wprebay kw=”hamster+babies” num=”93″ ebcat=”-1″]

Breeding hamsters? Any advice?

Question by :): Breeding hamsters? Any advice? I am interested in hamster breeding. Do you have any tips/advice on how to do so? Thanks! Any advice is appreciated! :) PS- Lucy, what are your personal experiences? :) Thanks Best answer: Answer by IronsunHi, You’ve already asked this question, if you never saw my answer here […]

Awkward hamster mating. Don’t worry, I’m a breeder for a pet store. :)

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