Can I reuse my old hamster cage for a new hamster?

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Question by ?skyblue: Can I reuse my old hamster cage for a new hamster?
My hamster died a month ago. She was my first hamster. I cleaned out the cage and put it away for future use. I was walking by the pet store yesterday and went in to look at the hamsters. The sales guy told me that I would want to get a new cage for a new hamster. He said the old hamster’s scent is on the cage. But, all the hamsters in the pet store were all in one big glass bin with each other’s scents. Would it really matter to a new hamster? Would the old scent last that long on the cage? Should I wash the cage again? Was the sales guy just saying that as a marketing scheme to sell more cages?

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Answer by Bud’s Girl
My granddaughter has another hamster in the cage in which the first one died. Her Mom cleaned it thoroughly with disinfectant, and threw out any other things inside which might have been saturated with hamster urine or feces. I think they are trying to make more money off of you- that’s their job.

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17 Responses to Can I reuse my old hamster cage for a new hamster?

  1. princessj

    he is so full of it,he just wanted you to buy a new cage.just clean it and it should be fine.

  2. msnite1969

    He’s trying to sell you a new cage. If the cage was cleaned there is absolutely NO reason that you couldn’t reuse it. If your old hamster died of a sickness I would just make sure that you clean the cage with bleach or some other disinfectant to make sure that you have killed anything that might be on it.

  3. dcVixen

    It shouldn’t hurt anything. He was trying to sale you a new cage. I would re-wash the cage and wipe it down with rubbing alcohol and wash it again to make sure in the month no mites, bacteria, etc have made their way into the cage. My current hampster was in a used cage before he got too big and we had to buy him a bigger one – the sent never bothered him =p. Hope this helps =)

  4. Syetta

    of course you can! just make sure you wash it out real well and dry it out as well, as for the sales guy he was just trying to make money lol, i had an hamster and resused the same cage and he was fine, and no the hamster would not mind at all.

  5. Shannon

    He’s just trying to get you to buy more stuff. He probably gets commission. I would re-clean the cage just to be sure and throw anything out that could soak up urine or has touched the feces and can’t be disinfected. Other than that, the hamster will be fine. Even if it smells another hamster, it won’t find one, so there shouldn’t be an issue.

  6. Joe Cool

    I used to have hamsters and reused the cages without problem. I think the pet store guy wants to get you to pony up for a new cage.
    Just clean the old cage with some soap, then bleach water (or other disinfectant), and rinse very well. Following that, let it sit outside in the Sun for a day prior to use.

  7. Veneta T

    I would wash the cage in clorox to be sure the old bugs are dead. But yes, you can reuse the cage.

  8. Munya Carr

    Wash it really good and then re-use it—he’s just trying to scam you into buying another cage.

  9. Alyssa

    i would use it the old hamsters cage for use of the new. I have lost my hamster 2, well actually she ran away. Now i have a new hamster he is very sweet. I had 2 wash it before I put it 2 use. It’s okay 2 use it. The store just finding a way 2 get even more money, when i got my hamster yesterday, the lady said it is okay as long as u trie 2 get rid of the sent with the wash.

  10. Dana C

    we do, i do not see why you couldn’t, just clean it good

  11. Judge's Slave

    Just clean out the cage well, the hamster won’t mind.

  12. Noner

    The sales guy is just trying to sell you a cage. There is no reason you can’t re-use your old one.

    Whether your old hamster died of old age, or was sick, you should use bleach (or some other mega germ killing product) the cage, make sure its good and dry, and it will be good to go for your next fur-baby.

  13. Kate12303

    Yeah, I’m sure that you can. Like everyone said, make sure to clean the cage out really well though. I wouldn’t worry about the scent as much as bacteria or germs. You want to make sure that no urine or feces is left behind as well as germs or viruses your hamster could have picked up before it died.

  14. jakerson_0315

    it’s perfectly okay to put another hampster in their i use to swap out cages with my 2 hampsters so they didn;t get bored he just wants you to spend your money

  15. rattiesrule23

    that is one desperate salesman. i have had many differant types of critters, i reuse cages all the time. though after one is empty, i take some bleach and soak it in bleachy water, scrubbing it with a brush in every corner and every inch. WASH THOUROUGHLY after using bleach, deadly if ingested by animals i would then let the cage sit away from the rest for a while(kindof like cage quarantine) and then you should be fine.

  16. LuvMyChi

    Re-using an old cage is perfectly fine. I had hampsters when i was younger, and i did the same thing. As long as you get rid of old toys, chew things and disinfect the cage it should be just fine.

  17. Apolljon

    i am definately sure that the sales guy told you that to earn money so that you buy a cage!!!

    you don’t need to buy another cage. Wash the old cage in boiling water and disinfectant and then leave it a bit in the sun….. so that all the germs would definately die out!

    Now you can definately use it for your new pet :)

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