Can I return a used hamster cage to Petsmart?

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Question by Aleena: Can I return a used hamster cage to Petsmart?
I bought a hamster cage for my hamster Peaches, and it would be a perfect fit except she constantly chews on the bars. I’m 14 and I spent a good amount of money on the cage and I don’t have enough to buy another. I got it in the mail about 5 days ago and I have the receipt. Would I be able to return it?

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Answer by pearlmar
No, you can’t return a used anything. Go in and ask them what they suggest you do so that she doesn’t chew on the bars.

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  1. Kate Rogers

    well it depends on if the bars are obviously chewed on. If so you can’t. If not either take it to a store or go on line, often they allow you to return it. Maybe you can find something on the return policy of the website you bought it from

  2. chastity

    Its Normal for Them to Chew On The Bars They Are Trying To get Out. But If It Thinning Out The Bar I Reccomend Another Cage Or Cover That Area.And Try Petco They Have Good Hamster Cages And Free Shipping For Like 15.00 Or 20.00 Dollars.

  3. Mike

    Tbh i bought one for 60 dollars and its quite nice, its a nice crittertrail one and my hamster lived 4 years!!! but my next hamster has to have a mansion because ive always wanted to spoil my hamsters, mind posting a picture of the cage and i will happily buy it from you.

  4. Princess

    you can return it. Just pack it in the box and give them the reciept.

  5. Tyler

    i agree with kate rogers.

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