Can I keep 2 teddy bear hamsters (long-haired syrians) in the same cage together?

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Question by neverbroken83: Can I keep 2 teddy bear hamsters (long-haired syrians) in the same cage together?
I just got 2 baby teddy bear hamsters for my daughters. The hamsters are from the same litter, and both are female and not quite 6 weeks old yet. They’re currently sharing a cage, and get along fine. Is it ok for them to continue sharing a cage or do they each need their own? If I need 2 separate cages, at what age should I seperate the hamsters? Thanks!

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Answer by Alaska Photo Shooter
Since they are females they are fine together.

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  1. koala4poly

    No best not, hamsters are solitary animals and may be fine for a while but can suddenly take a snap at each other and can be fatal. Soon as possible in my experience as a vet nurse

  2. delsolarie

    Absolutely not. Syrians are solitary and WILL kill each other when they reach maturity – it does not matter that they’re two females. They’re ok for about 2-3 months (from birth) if you can keep a close eye on them. You’ll need to be prepared to separate them at the first sign of aggression so at least be prepared as early as 8 weeks. Keep in mind however that this aggression can show up overnight and end overnight with one dead hamster so if you’d rather not take any chances by relying on what you’re seeing in the daytime – best to separate them by 8 weeks.

    Despite their aggressive nature towards each other – they can be really sweet pets – I’m sure your daughters will enjoy them :)

    EDIT: At 6 months they are well into adulthood. Syrians can actually reach sexual maturity as young as 4-5 weeks (average is 10-14 weeks)

  3. Ryan

    They should be fine since they are from the same litter and are both being introduced in the cage at the same time. it also helps that they are female. You might want to get two wheels and a bigger cage than normal. If the cage is too small you might have some issues, or you might not. Its really hard to say you will never have any problems. I have seen two females from the same litter get into pretty bad fights. I have also seen females kill other females before. Anything is possible I guess.

  4. Gems

    by the time they are 6 months of age they will reach sexual maturity and could kill one another, syrians despite often being sold in pairs and kept with other syrians (all “bear” hamsters are syrians) are SOLITARY and will often kill another even of the same sex in their territory, this starts out as little scuffles, these scuffles can evenrtually become VERY serious and could end in death.
    id seperate them asap, some dont start becomming agressive untill maturity at 3-6months, however others can become agressive very early on and i doubt you want your daughter to wak to a mess.

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