Are black bear hamsters good for pets?

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Question by choclatechip: Are black bear hamsters good for pets?
I want to get a black bear hamster. Are they nice or do they sleep all day/ do they interact with you? and how long do they live? thanks

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Answer by Carolanne-marie Statham
there the same as any other hamster you can make them stay awake in the day n sleep at night and things

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  1. Anon Ripley

    Hamsters are awake the most in the evenings and mornings. They will let you pick them up if you handle them gently everyday. They play ON you not with you. They don’t really bond with a human. They are really cute and do really cute hamster things but they are not like a dog or a cat.

  2. Vanessa Reiss

    their nice for pets.
    they sleep during day most of time
    upp all night.
    and yes they can interact with you (:
    up to 3 years they live.

  3. lisa m

    Black bear hamsters are just Syrian hamsters. It seems a lot of people have become accustomed to thinking black bears are their own breed… but they’re not. If you have found one that you think you might want to purchase, make sure you cover the same things that you would any other hamster. Make sure he/she seems healthy and make sure he/she has been well socialized. Since they’re Syrian hamsters, expect them to behave and live like any other Syrian hamster…. which means that yes, they’re nocturnal and they’ll live 2-3 years.

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