An Interesting Hamster

Hamster Videos.

HQ STEREO LINK, Our 1st Hamster Video!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to An Interesting Hamster

  1. keykeyboow

    aaw 1:28! so funny
    my hamster does that look all the time

  2. slinkpink885

    i’ve got a hamster

  3. BeckaleckAndAbb

    Aww! So adorable!

  4. jewishpopcornful

    @awsomesk8ter619 so what’s the giant rabbit like creature at 1.22 then?

  5. awsomesk8ter619

    @jewishpopcornful ITS NOT A RABBIT DUMMY

  6. 0604andy

    es bonito se parece al mio se llama friendly

  7. Liany19

    awww that’s so cute… It remember me my dead hamster U.U her name was honey and she was almost like this cute hamster …

  8. VishenkaAi

    ???????? ???????? =)

  9. jewishpopcornful

    What breed of rabbit is that?

  10. Marthatlckids

    Its so sweet

  11. LilleHarfrue


  12. SuperHamster4ever

    i love when hamsters have this dramatic look (1:31)

  13. TheHotRemu

    ;-( That hamster reminds me Mint,my hamster,who are dead 2 years ago.

  14. lrainel

    1:28 “Wtf! I’m cleaning up myself here.. Pervert!”

  15. elouephaley

    This is the SPITTING image of my late hamster. she was pretty epic too…-cries-

  16. anamarigl

    que lindo¡,y que glotón,jajaja.

  17. AsteioLoukoumaki

    hmmm…. what an interesting hamster…i see you got a rabbit too ?… cool man you are so good and cool feed them well but not much cause if the hamster is overfeeded then it wont be able to move

  18. origindirewolf

    you named it pie?

  19. LBPLink

    He is so CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. stef8009

    Haaaa my hamster could be an brother but i think he isn’t cuzz he od i have a video on my channel or just type kleinemj

  21. cheetahnatz

    I loved this video, and I love hamsters’ actions

  22. arthurisfun


  23. roxsbabe


  24. 6161justinbieber

    I love when she stretches!!! SO CUTE!!!

  25. Taylorrbaby11

    at 1:29 hes like WTF? :0 LMFAOO AWW

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