A good temperature to keep teddy bear hamsters in ?

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Question by Connor: A good temperature to keep teddy bear hamsters in ?

I am getting a Teddy Bear Hamster soon (long haird Syrian) , and i would keep it in my room , but in the summer it can get really hot in there without the air condition on , how hot is TO hot for hamsters , and how cold is TO cold ?

Please give temperatures in Farenheight please !

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Answer by Hamyman123 :]
hi, its soo cool ur getting a hamster lol i have 1 !!!!
its a short hair syrian lol !!!
soo cute okay , to ur question

soo i used to have m y hamie in my room but at summer i move it to a cooler place in the shade.

long hairs will need warm things for cold as for short hair they need more, but for long hairs in summer u should change water regualy and put food, and soo on……..

its the same just make sure it doesnt get over like eh…..24*C kk

im not sure but u no lol

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  1. dogs are forever 156

    i don’t really know, but i know they get heat stroke easily, so need to kept cool, i don’t know farenhhieght only degrees sorry, it can’t be colder thatn like 5 degrees or so, they will go into hybernation if cold, this means you have to put it in a warmer place, if it is too hot, it will lay on its back in the cage and breath heavily, this means it needs a cooler area, sorry i don’t know rarenheight but these are the signs of being to hot or cold, good luck. in the summer you could keep a low fan near the cage most of the day, and in the winter keep a towel over part of the cage and newspaper underneath.
    also you can buy these granite stones, which is a long peice of cold granite which you can buy from pet shops, put it in the cage and it will keep it cool, put some wood shavings over it though.

  2. Gio

    Well the tempetures for hamsters to live in is 40-68 degress farenheight. make sure the tempeture is in a range of that tempeture.

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