A Day in the Life of my Hamster Aria

Baby Hamsters.

Can anyone tell me what breed my hamster is? No one ever seems to know… This video is my first handmade video… for a friend who really want to see my hamster! Excuse the fact that I’m not very good a filming! Please comment, rate, and subscribe. There are some orange words that’s blurry, so I’ll list them out right here: It’s what she do for twelve hours of her day. She says it in a very official squeak. To her, that is the double meaning of fun. I think she’s suppose to dig? This is practice for the staring contest, which she wins every time. You’ll never know where she is, until she hits a wall. Don’t worry, she always comes back
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to A Day in the Life of my Hamster Aria

  1. NyuuBaby

    Lol my name is Aria ^_^


    i think she might be a dwarf pearl winter white (not really sure)

  3. aces1444

    hey to answer your description question i had a hamster like that when i was 12 and yours looks very similiar so i think your hamster breed is a russian dwarf hamster lol im more of a horse and dog person my self but yeah great vid and forgive my spelling and grahmmar

  4. billymyhamster


  5. 333natyyy

    vote on me if hamsters are good pets

  6. vivienrocks917

    Hi Annie!! Its me Vivien!!! Great Video!

  7. amb1996x

    im not sure but what 2i do know is that its well cute

  8. snowflake227

    hi annie u noe me… or u should! i posted the other comment. and once again, nice hammsta!!!

  9. B5Lover4LyfeBaby

    you havee a dwarf hamsterr likee mehh ^-^ i havee videos of her on myy paqee cutee videoo!!! =]]

  10. happychina8888

    HI, Annie.(you know me)……..nice hamster

  11. snowflake227

    nice hamster *coughanniecough*! next time i’ll bring my cat Almond over and watch her chase Aria in her ball! by the way, it’s me SQ(hint hint nudge nudge).

  12. ladyxjenny

    aw ! loved da way you edited da video ! im still tryna figure out how to do mine ughhh . lol anyway cute hamsterrr !

  13. xXOnyxRoseXx

    Aww, cute. nice video

  14. gothgirlqwe


  15. Mintypizza

    aww sooo cute! i have a hammy but she’s different
    watch my vid of her!

  16. FrostShinigami

    lol tht was cute! wow! my friends’ hamster isn’t normal at all! hers is awake at night and starts exercising when you go to sleep! it drives me nuts!

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